Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting a Grip

So, on Friday, I bemoaned my creativity issues.

Okay, I whined.

But only a little. Several of my faithful support network (thanks RML, mom and KAK!) made helpful suggestions. Never mind that I felt rebellious about it.

I even decided later that maybe what I had written was probably okay and didn't suck that much. So I sent it to my good writing friend, Allison, so she could reassure me.

She said it sucked.

Not in so many words, of course, because she's a lovely person. She was honest. Not feeling it. Which was no shock cuz neither was I.

So, yesterday, I followed RoseMarie's advice and pulled the shade. (This house has no non-spectacular view windows.) I put on my writing music (soundtrack to The Mission -- no, I don't know why it works. I absolutely can't do music with words. Eerie instrumental soundtracks are best. I also like Master & Commander and Billy Joel's Fantasies & Delusions). I followed Kristine's advice and didn't edit. I just started composing the scene.

And out it flowed.

Allison pronounced it "Way Way Better." High praise indeed.


  1. Woohoo! "Once more with feeeeelings." hehehe Love progress.

  2. Glad your writing mojo is back, although it's too bad the spectacular views are distracting. Your solutions reminds of the line from French Kiss..."yes, it was too beautiful for me. I had to leave."

  3. true -- but the view is always waiting. I don't have to leave, just delay gratification.


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