Thursday, January 1, 2009

In the beginning...

Once upon a time, when my essay collection first came out – so this is back in the days of 2004 – I found myself trying to explain to people what the book was about. “Creative nonfiction,” I would say. Or “personal essays.” Or “musings about life and what the things that happen to us mean.” A couple of times I went so far as to say “they’re stories about collisions with the world. In the silence of our skulls, we can't really understand how someone else experiences the world. But we can send out messages. These are mine.” That last was directly from my publicity packet, and no more enlightening than the rest.

I was out in California – Fresno, I’m thinking – for my day job, having this conversation with a young woman (read: far more technically savvy and hip than I) who, upon hearing my convoluted description of my shiny, new, published-by-a-prestigious-university-press book exclaimed: “Oh! It’s like a blog!”

Okay, yes, I was insulted. I knew what a blog was (hey, I’m not THAT unhip), but I thought they were, well, less than literary. A passing fad. Nothing compared to the vast realm of real published work.

When my friend, a former Little, Brown assistant editor, said I should blog with my stories about promoting my book, I said no, I didn’t have time for that. When my mother, who has a jobette with Linkshare and sees every blog in the known universe, said I should blog, I patiently explained that blogging was a waste of energy for serious writers.

Five years later: here I am.

I concede. I capitulate. I jump on the proverbial band wagon (onto which, I’m reliably informed, 10,000 other people A DAY are also jumping – egad). Daily musings about collisions with the world. About love and power, and all that goes with them.

Hopefully there will be a happy ending.


  1. Great site Jeffe. Congrats on jumping on board the blog wagon.


  2. Looks great! I've always enjoyed your collisions. You make them seem much more interesting than the average encounter. Now I'll know what's going on in your life without prying...always great news for a mom.

  3. Jeffe, thanks so much for the contest info you posted on my site. I never thought about entering multiple contest from that viewpoint. Mainly the goal was listed to encourage my primary focus for the year, which is to finish my first manuscript.

    I will add your site to my favs list so I will be checking back in on you.

    Have a wonderful 2009!!

  4. Hi Jeffe! Congrats on all your past accomplishments. I, for one, am glad you conceded and are now blogging. I love your stories in Wyoming Trucks and look forward to reading more of your collisions with the world on this blog.

    Hugs and Happy New Year!


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