Friday, August 5, 2011

Sapphire Cover!

Sapphire has a cover! Woo hoo!!!

I think it's very pretty. And, um, no that's not me on the cover. I only wish I had that figure.

In the story, I envisioned the fur throw being brown or black. I mean what guy has a white fur rug in his library? Perhaps Kirliss is into polar bears...

Yeah, I know - I'm teasing you. and the book isn't out until October 24.

You know how much I love to tease.

It's been kind of a crazy week, for no good reason. My mom was here visiting, which was very fun. Work has been this weird uneven waiting for other people, punctuated by furious hysteria. And I'm transitioning this blog to my new website. Eeep!

I'm off to Oklahoma City next week for the day job. But I'm hoping Monday you'll be directed to my blog on the website.

It'll be grand, I'm sure of it!


  1. It's pretty. It's kinky. It's pretty kinky! ;)

  2. Thanks Jeannie!

    Very funny, Linda!

  3. Visually beautiful, if not a little disturbing.
    Good luck with the new website! And stay cool in OKC.

  4. Stunning cover, such beautiful lighting. And are those handcuffs? *perks up*

  5. Handcuffs are not usually my thing, but I'm totally willing to make an exception here :) Lovely, Boss ;)

  6. Sexy cover and beautiful colors.

  7. Thank you, Vonda! You have the same name as one of my fave fantasy writers.

    You're so sensitive, Jeanne.

    They ARE, Claire! Love the perking!

    Ha, Cathy! It's less hefay, than Jeff-ee, but I'll take it. Thanks for the exception!

    Chudney - *mwah!*

  8. Thanks, Leslie - they did a nice job!


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