Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Life

On Saturday, my hosts took me on a hike on the Sweet Trail. Madison is a big fan of hikes, too.
All of this is freshwater estuarian marsh. Teeming with nesting birds of all types.
So lovely. The still water makes for great reflections.
If you look sharp, you can see lots of heron nests here.
The trail leads to the Great Bay. There's a memorial there. Laurie's husband, Bob, felt quite contemplative. For those of you keeping notes, this is what I want - a bench and an engraved marker in some beautiful spot.


  1. The Sweet Life, indeed. Another bunch of great pictures -- thanks. :)

  2. Those pictures really draw me in. Not sure if you've done magic with your camera or I just want to be there...either way, I can hear the wild.

  3. Lovely! I am now wishing that we had a dog to take on walks.

  4. Thanks gals! Dogs are excellent for walks, it's true. It was great light for photography, too, Kristina.

  5. Love your photography, JK: partly equipment but mostly good eye. It's a serene spot, isn't it?

  6. Lovely spot, indeed - thank you for sharing it! And, aw shucks...


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