Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blood and Roses

Finally a cover for Petals and Thorns!

This is my little erotic take on Beauty and the Beast coming out with Loose Id on July 13. The link only takes you to a placeholder right now. I almost waited to post the cover until people can at least pre-order and then I thought, hey, I can't not post the cover as soon as I get it.

I think they did a great job. I love that you can see the Beast's claws and that the artist, Cris Griffin, took my suggestion of a bloody rose. It works out especially well because Robin of Robin Ludwig Design made me business cards with a very similar image (ah, the consistent world of stock photography). She also adapted it for me to make a third "doorway" on my website for the erotica stuff.

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I'll get that up any day now, here.

And if any of you are wanting a high resolution image of the cover, I'll put it there. Blood and roses. Flowers seem to be a big part of my life lately. I'm not sure what that's about.

Full bloom days.


  1. Woohoo! That is a beautiful cover...Jennifer.

  2. Full Bloom Days!

    Cover is awesome. Congratulations. Let us know when we can order. I love supporting my fellow writers!.

  3. Tears gather in my artistic mind for the beauty you have captured. Awesome!

  4. I knew you'd catch that, Kelly! And thanks - I'm sure I'll be nagging you all madly, I mean, reminding you, when it's purchaseable.

    Thanks Alanarose, but the tears should be for the artist Cris Griffin - I just wrote the story!

  5. Congrats, Jeffe! Gorgeous cover!!


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